„Alytus and Augustów Councils – safe places for living and development of healthy family”

On March 22, 2016 International Conference was held to inaugurate Cooperation Program INTERREG A V-LITHUANIA-POLAND 2014-2020. The meeting was organized under the slogan: Interreg V-A Lithuania-Poland: towards change. The INTERREG Cooperation Program is a program supporting bilateral cooperation projects. The participants got acquainted with the achievements of the Program from the years 2007-2013, as well as the basic assumptions of its new edition. A very interesting and equally important part of the meeting was the Partnership Forum, during which participants could present your design concepts and thus find partners for the implementation of joint ventures under the Program.

This conference was a very important event from the perspective of cooperation between the Polish partner, ie the Independent Public Health Care Center in Augustów with a Lithuanian partner, which is the Polyclinic in Alytus.

On 23-25 March 2016, intensive talks were held with each of the potential partners. Finally, it was agreed that common goals and similar assumptions, as well as the greatest determination to carry out joint efforts to raise care for women and family, were demonstrated by the Polyclinic in Alytus. The managements of both units have decided to cooperate closely.

The first meeting of the working group appointed to prepare the Interreg Polska-Lithuania project is scheduled for 25 April 2016. The parties declared joint implementation of the investment project. The partners analyzed the main problems affecting the quality of care for women and family (including inadequate results in gynecological diagnostics, barriers to access to prenatal tests, lack of medical equipment or the necessity of its replacement as well as the need to train doctors) and determined that the project will be increasing access to and improving the quality of diagnostic tests for women aged 18-60 in the borderland between Poland and Lithuania. The partners also agreed that the substantive partners of the project will be the Polish Gynecological Society and the Lithuanian Gynecological Society. The parties jointly recognized that the project leader will be SPZOZ in Augustów.

On 30 May 2016, a meeting of the Director of SPZOZ Augustów Danuta Zawadzka and the Director of the Polyclinic in Alytus in Białystok was organized, which concerned the approval of the project and signing the application documentation and partnership agreement, in accordance with the agreed project assumptions.

During the meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee, which took place on October 26-27, the list of projects selected for co-financing was approved in Gołdapia. This list included, among others, the project „Alytus and Augustów Councils – safe places for living and development of healthy family”

As a result, the parties undertook to implement the project in accordance with previous arrangements. The project implementation time has been defined: from 01/03/2017 to 30/11/2018. The lead beneficiary is the Independent Public Health Care Center in Augustów. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Lithuania Poland Cross-Border Cooperation Program with a percentage of 85%, i.e. EUR 557 135.27, the total value of the project is EUR 655 453.28.

The aim of the project is to prevent social exclusion of women and their families for health reasons by increasing access to specialist medical care in the field of reproductive health, prenatal care and prevention of cancer.

As project activities one should distinguish the campaign opening the project with the participation of specialist doctors from Poland and Lithuania, the purchase of modern medical equipment, social campaigns promoting women’s health prophylaxis. In addition, the partners implement joint screening programs targeted at women in both regions. These include prophylactic ultrasound – gynecological and colposcopic examination. The tests will be carried out on modern equipment purchased as part of the project, among others ultrasound machines, colposcopes. Completion of the project will be a closing conference in Lithuania.


Website address of project beneficiaries:

Independent Public Health Care Center in Augustów

Polyclinic in Alytus