Specialist training for gynecologists.

Within the project “Alytus and Augustow Councils – safe places for living and development of healthy family” implemented within the framework of the Cooperation Program INTERREG VA Lithuania-Poland by SPZOZ in Augustow and Polyclinic in Alytus were 4 certified specialist training courses for gynecologists in the field of gynecology, oncological gynecology, perinatology, urogynecology. The training took place in Bialystok in the months of May (7th and 28th) and June (4th and 18th). The training was directed to gynecologists interested in starting the study of ultrasound or improving the previously acquired skills in the field of ultrasound diagnostics in oncological gynecology,

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Training workshops

Independent Public Health Care Center in Augustów informs that as a result of the public procurement procedure under the name COMPREHENSIVE ORGANIZATION OF 4 TRAINING WORKSHOPS FOR 120 PARTICIPANTS FROM ULTRASONOGRAPHY AND / OR PERINATOLOGY AND / OR UROGINOLOGY AND / OR ONCOLOGICAL GYNECOLOGY DEDICATED TO GYNECOLOGIST DOCSISTS within the project “Alytus and Augustow Councils” implemented as part of the Interreg VA Lithuania-Poland Cooperation Program by SPZOZ in Augustów and the Polyclinic in Alytus, the contractor was selected – USG Trener sp. z o. o., Ul. Mińska 25 B lok. Ul, 03-808 Warsaw.


In connection with the project of the project “Alytus and Augustow Councils – implemented in the framework of the Interreg V-A Lithuania-Poland Cooperation Program by SPZOZ in Augustów and Polyclinic in Alytus, activities aimed at gynecologists were prepared: SPECIALIZATION TRAINING IN THE SCOPE OF USG IN GYNECOLOGY FOR 150 DOCTORS 2 SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCES These activities are aimed at increasing competences in the field of gynecological care in the area of ​​impact of the project. As part of the project, prophylactic examinations in the field of ultrasound and colposcopy will be carried out. Below there is a link to the recommendation

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